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Subject matter

Purpose of this “Electrical part of TIK 5.3 HVAC-system“ documentation can be understood in three parts / levels:

  1. Common electrical part of TIK 5.3 that contain documents:

  2. with requirements and connection specification on ESS main electrical distribution boards, which serves to define coordinated reciprocal inputs for related “ELECTRICAL PART MAIN DISTRIBUTION DESIGN BY ESS”.

  3. with specification of interconnections between ESS and CZ IK partner electrical parts (mainly cabling) which is in "CZ IK partner scope" but requires ESS inputs contribution.

  4. TIK 5.3.04 Electrical part that contain Detail Design of electrical devices for power supply of TIK 5.3 HVAC-system technology, which serves for manufacture and delivery of full HVAC electrical distribution sub-system in "CZ IK partner scope", including interfaces with HVAC I&C part (also in "CZ IK partner scope").

  5. I&C part TIK 5.3.03 hat contain Detail Design of monitoring and control devices for TIK 5.3 HVAC-system technology and which is described in separate I&C part Technical report ESS-0129321.